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chair, apartment

day 26

yesterday I had a meeting on campus at noon; so I didn't get around to leaving the house until it was time to catch the bus to the U-District. After, I went home, cooked lunch, and continued to "work from home" [e-mail maintenance, I guess] until it was time to meet up with the people from metroblogging seattle [#] at the Garage. There, I consumed beer and certainly more than a single serving of mashed potatoes infused with massive quantities of horseradish and garlic.

On the way home, I once again failed in my attempts to rent Funny Ha Ha [imdb]. Blockbuster used to carry it, but someone checked it out for so long that they need to re-order. Apparently, they hadn't noticed this until I took the card up to the desk to ask.


Today I briefly met with someone from some part of the university related to international traveling. I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I've finalized the arrangements and I'll be exiled in Amsterdam for most of February and March to do some lab work and writing some of my dissertation. And by "finalized" I guess I mean that I have plane tickets and a place to stay and some very vague idea about what I'll actually be doing for all of that time. So, tips and tricks are appreciated.

For now, the most concrete trip-related thing that I'm excited about is that I, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Ellen will all be in the city at the same time. And thanks to Ellen's skills with ticketmaster.nl, we already have tickets to the show. Death Cab for Cutie will be there in March in case anyone else is looking for a reason to visit.

Tonight I rented some other DVDs, but didn't watch them. I should have known this would happen, but I have minor impulse control issues and really think that I want to see Broken Flowers and Look at Me sometime this weekend. Instead I caught up with yesterday's the o.c. and the new episode of Battlestar Galactica, both of which wrapped up lingering plot points a little too conveniently. But they were annoying characters to usher offstage; so we forgive them. Then I put the kettle on and typed this while I was waiting for the water to boil. After the previous paragraph, though, I noticed a distinct absence of whistling coming from the kitchen and investigated the situation to find that the wrong burner was turned on. I guess it's nice that I noticed the non-boiling before I noticed the apartment burning.

With that crisis averted, I really will make an effort to get closer to finishing One Hundred Years of Solitude. This time, for real.


How long has that taken you? I think I have a copy and if I read three trashy paperbacks in a week I could budget a whole three weeks to it. I imagine it's difficult.

Today is the end of week #2... I need to finish book #2 to stay ahead. Only a hundred pages or two. Meep.

i barely read anything anymore.

I started reading it at the end of the year when I found a copy on a bookshelf at my parents' house, but I only read a chapter or so at night. I got through quite a bit of it on the plane but hadn't picked it up more than once since I got back to Seattle.

I'm not sure if it's difficult, other than staying awake long enough to read more than a chapter at a time. There's a lot of plot that seems not that important; so maybe it would benefit from reading the whole thing in a short period of time. If I hadn't been promised a payoff at the end, I might have just given up.
Also I love how the first imdb comment starts, "I got dragged to see this movie by a friend who knows the director and several of the people in the movie." Watch my movie and then add me to your Myspace! I think this is where the future is headed. Which is not to say I am not going to pick this up if I see it now. Curse you.
congrats on dissertating abroad. that's hot.
One Hundred Years of Solitude really is worth it. But to tell you why, exactly, would give it all away.


I guess you're right, although I maybe suspected the ending a little bit. I'm not sure that it really needed four hundred pages to get there, but the writing was pretty enjoyable along the way.
that's so exciting, to study in amsterdam!