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day 24

Right. So today I went to work, where there were several meetings and a free lunch that resulted from a scientific bet. Then it was back to campus for another round of selling the techfee to the student governments. It turned out to be sort of contentious and dramatic in a student government sort of way.

Then I went to the IMA to swim, came home, ate soup from the yupster grocery store's soup bar, and went to the coffee shop to read technology fee applications and browse other people's iTunes libraries. I find this sort of thing (the browsing) extremely fascinating and am horrified whenever I see a person who has the same band tagged with several slightly different artist names and really wish there was a way for me to fix it for them. But I did get to listen to Fruit Bats and Silversun Pickups on someone else's dime when the cafe's iPod selections were less than inspired.

I only feel guilty about this because I keep so few mp3s on my iBook's hard drive, which is always on the verge of running out of disc space.

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