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this week (monday - tuesday)

On Monday I went to work, swam, and went over to Joe's to eat meatless tacos in honor of Kailin being in Seattle. Although I was a half hour late, I was really early. Eventually other people arrived, taco assembly protocol was followed, and the question of whether Sufjan Stevens is in the Christian Rock genre were considered. There was also substantial discussion of the re-sterization of the internet, with a particularly inspired concept for "dumpster.com" and a series of photographs with assorted posing motivations.


Today I had to go to campus to do some techfee advocacy. I thought about going to they gym, but it was already crowded with the new year's resolutioners so I went home, cooked, dinner, got a cappuccino, and typed all of this stuff about the last nine days.


group shots from that night

I referred to it as a "re-stirification"...
re-sterification, rather.

Maybe it's just because I wasn't there

But what on earth do you mean by "re-sterification"? I suppose understanding what "sterification" was would be the first step. I just can't figure out the root sterif- ??

Re: Maybe it's just because I wasn't there

To "sterify" a word is to add the "-ster" suffix to it. So Ellen would be "Ellenster". We were making fun of the number of websites that end in -ster. I'm not sure where the "re-" came from though...

Re: Maybe it's just because I wasn't there

The "re-" reflects that the -ster has gone out of fashion and is ready for a comeback.