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saturday and sunday

Although Saturday had strong potential for being a day for not leaving the house, a series of afternoon e-mail exchanges resulted in meeting up with Betsy at the Crocodile to see the Divorce. Against all odds, I seem to find myself a fan. And by "against all odds" I guess that I mean that the first time I saw them was at Bumbershoot in the room with the shitty sound and bad lighting, which caused me to incorrectly believe that the band was not good and also kind of scary. In fact, their new stuff is rather catchy.

Also on the bill were StabmasterArson (whom I found entertaining, although they really seemed to have only three basic songtypes1) and and White Gold (who were sort of in the Rapture style dance rock tradition, except that no one was dancing).

The other interesting part of the night was that since it wasn't raining, I wanted to do an experiment to test the non-walkability assumption about Seattle and just walked the 1.8 miles from my apartment to the Crocodile and found it kind of nice and not all that much slower than taking the bus. Or maybe than taking a car and trying to park. The uphill walk home, particularly after a few drinks, was a little more ambitious but still do-able.


On Sunday, I felt that I needed to take Carole's car for a drive to fulfill my duties as a carsitter. So I went to Northgate to buy things and then drove over to visit Samantha for her soft-foods and board games post-tooth removal spectacular. We played Monopoly. For a while I was doing rather well, but I started to feel like I was being too much of a jerk by refusing to engage in potentially harmful trading activities. [Ed: more of the not knowing how to care about winning? -- I think so, but maybe it's illustrative of not knowing how to win.] Once I caved, it was a pretty direct road to bankruptcy for me. Still, actually running out of money in Monopoly is a more prolonged ordeal than you might imagine.

After crushing my real estate corporation, the remaining players quickly formed a cooperative enterprise to end the game.

1. Betsy disagreed, saying that they had only one song type.


oh Northgate, what did you get there? Did you hit up that huge GI Joe/Target conglomeration of a building or the Mall?
I went to Target and to Sylvia's Swimwear.
What the heck is Sylvia's Swimwear? I don't remember seeing that at the Mall..except they do have those kiosks with soap similar to Lush..
It's a store that sells swimwear, for fitness-type (or competitive, in other people's cases) swimming. A.k.a., speedo-type products that, although they look retarded, are better than swimming laps in baggy board shorts.

The store is not on the mall or in the target multiplexotorium, they're in the complex by Silver Platters, south of the transit center.