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more of my life and times (friday)

Friday was our department's twice-monthly happy hour. Before I went there, I remembered that I needed to renew my locker at the IMA. By the time I'd taken care of this, I didn't have time to do any actual exercise to avoid being late to drinking. However, I missed the bus and decided to do an experiment to see whether walking from the U-District to Eastlake was faster. It turns out that they're exactly the same.

This time happy hour was at the Zoo on Eastlake.1 For a long time, the planning commission had maintained an interest in using this as a venue, but its reputation for wall to wall smoke had always knocked it off the short list.

I'm happy to report that even in the post-901 setting, the bar seemed to be doing an O.K. business and remained a fun place to be. Highlights included playing bar shuffleboard and engaging in gunplay. They have a really stupid videogame that simulates the experience of bear hunting. Everyone found it very amusing when I shot a bear cub (forbidden animal!). Even with my violation of hunting ethics, I still was the winner. As stupid as you might think fake hunting is, they also had video game bowling, which is one of the more confusing concepts out there. It was only on our way out that I remembered that they had pinball machines. Including a Bram Stoker's Dracula pinball machine.

The reason that I had all of these quarters for videogames and was late for the bus is because I stopped at the library to photocopy "Brokeback Mountain" and put a Hamilton in the change machine expecting not to get forty quarters. It was an unwanted little jackpot moment, I guess.

After suitable quality time at the bar, we left to eat pizza. The place next door was closed; so I got my second chance to walk almost all the way back to the U-district to eat at Romio's.

Later, when the group had thinned, we walked back to the bar to get Betsy's car. Since I didn't have any other plans, I tagged along to crash a party in Wallingford hosted by some biostatistics students. The party mostly involved standing around in the kitchen alternating between margaritas and beer and telling stories about the horrors of Mexican food in Forks, Washington.

There is also a picture of a spectacularly decorated house that I need to put on flickr tomorrow. Stay tuned.

1. I feel I need to quantify this because my primary association with "the Zoo" is the apparently creepy gay bar in Kalamazoo.a
a. which, I only just realized may have been named to play on the city's name.

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