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week in review continued (thursday)

After work on Thursday I walked down to Pioneer Square for the Art Walk. Of course, it was raining bucketsfull, which made decisions about galleries all the more urgent. Peter, Samantha, and I met at Elliott Bay. Because they were out of the cookies that I developed an addiction to during jury duty, I settled for a doughnut before we headed back outside and in the direction of the traditional galleries. The most notable thing was that the calix gallery appears to have closed. Other fun facts were a preoccupation of many of the artists with birds. At Foster/White, there was a lot of art reminiscent of the freak-folk variety presented (possibly for comedic value) in Junebug.

The Stranger suggested some galleries on Third Avenue, but when we walked in that direction, certain parts of the avenue weren't where I expected them to be and we got awfully wet in the process of geographical confusion. Eventually, we found an uncrowded gallery with several neat video installation pieces (including one of a flying bird displayed inside a plastic box) and a very crowded space where there was free wine, minimal large maplike paintings, and a few pictures of hair.

With this, we resigned from following newspaper suggestions and went to the Western building and wandered throughout the lofts. In one, fresh juice to order was for sale and a (maybe) cover band was setting up for a show. Peter and Samantha had plans to see the Helio Sequence; so we left that strange room and looked at others before trying to catch a bus in the general direction of Broadway.

When my phone revealed (via that the bus was running twenty minutes late, we took a cab to get dinner at Jai Thai. By the time we had finished eating, the rain had cleared and they walked to Chop Suey and I went home. On the way, I tried to find a video store that had Funny Ha Ha available for rental, but was unsuccessful.

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