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a week, in review (monday - wednesday)

This Sunday, my mother called to make sure that I hadn't floated away in all of the rain that's been pouring on Seattle. And then today, day 23 if the news reports are to be believed, I realized that some of you may have been wondering the same thing. To let my internet fanbase know that I'm still alive, here's a rundown of the last week. And for the record, I'm kind of fond of all of this rain. We're past the halfway point to biblical proportions.


Monday [2 January] was a day off, so I didn't go to my office because it would seem somehow embarrassing to go to work on a university holiday. Instead I had lunch with Peter, Marilyn, and Samantha at the sushi factory at the Pacific Place mall. Peter had the bright idea of going there before the lunch buffet rush. Although I was skeptical of a pre-noon meeting, it turned out to be a wise move when Todai was filled with diners by the time we left.

After lunch, I went in search of post-holiday sales and didn't really find anything compelling. Then I went home, Ellen came to my apartment, and we went to Victrola. The cafe was crowded with lots of dayoffers, including at least one woman who had removed her shoes. I get it that it's wet outside, but that's no excuse for propping your bare feet up on public chairs. The seating situation looked dire, but we eventually found a spot sort of sharing (the table was actually two tables) a table with a guy who may have been a news editor at the Stranger. (this recognition highlights the sad state of Seattle's celebrity scene). I'm sure our conversation was thrilling.

Later, it was pub quiz time. The big news was that they'd severely changed the menus at the Irish Emigrant. After years of near regular veggie burger eating, it disappeared as a dining option. Some of the teams named themselves in protest.


I don't remember if anything happened on Tuesday. Probably not. [ed: is this an argument for or against daily postings? -- not sure.]


On Wednesday Carolyn and I went to see Munich and eat fake meat products for dinner at Cyber Dogs. It was sort of a joke to go there, but it turns out that the eating options downtown aren't that great and the fake tuna salad sandwich at Cyber Dogs is really great. Plus the Russian owner was there and she tried to analyze our taste preferences to help us select the optimal meal choice. She also played a lot of her favorite tracks and occasionally yelled to tell everyone in the shop why she had selected them. Oh, and she was also showing Altered States [imdb] because it featured "a very attractive young William Hurt".

Most of the time, I think I liked Munich and that it was sort of preaching to the choir. The running time was a little bit long and the last flashback seemed like too much, but what do I know? Other times, I'm not really sure what the message was supposed to be. Which, maybe was the point: that who really knows what the right answer is, if it isn't senseless violence and soul-crushing retribution.

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