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war on war on xmas, and war, too

holy shit. remember when people would get all giddy about Jon Stewart interviewing Bill O'Reilly and then get kind of disappointed when they didn't destroy each other? On the Late Show, David Letterman took him down on two fronts: the war on christmas as well as the war in Iraq (and O'Reilly's war on Sheehan)

[cbs (real video); crooksandliars (other versions)].


is that a realvideo link, or a broken link? (and, is there a difference?)
it's a RealVideo link, seems to work o.k. for me.
ah, that's why it's not working for me, I don't have real on this computer.

here are WMV and QT versions
my roommates and I enjoyed that a lot. Best line, "I have a feeling 60 percent of what you say is crap."