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unmasked, remasked

wow -- David Lat is the new wonkette [wp].

You may remember David Lat as U.S. attorney who once secretly wrote the gossipy law weblog Underneath Their Robes [newyorker].


Interesting things

1) Lat is now and ex-US attorney. I think being a US Attorney is better than being wonkette, but then I don't care about being famous.

2) He's fairly conservative. I'm not a regular wonkette reader, but I wonder how this will affect the blog?

Re: Interesting things

my wonkette readership has fallen off sharply, but it seems like there have been a lot of guest 'bloggers on the site to make up for AMC's absence while she was writing her book and finding better job opportunities.

This is partly why I haven't been reading it, but also because reading about DC is just less interesting when there isn't a big election around the corner.