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I think that all of these petition drives to save Arrested Development are a bit misguided. Can't we just hunt down a few Nielsen families and force them to tune their televisions to FOX on Monday nights for a half hour. Whether they watch the hilarious explanation of George Michael's "the OC D" montage is irrelevant.

You'd think that at least some of these people could be bought, right?


Is that from last night's episode? I haven't seen it yet.

I just got around to watching last week's (or maybe the week before, if there wasn't an episode last week) and loved the OC diss:

"Did you know that more bananas are sold on this block than anywhere else in the OC?"
"Don't call it that."


And the "Bob Loblaw Blog" thing was too much. That put me over the edge.
yeah, it is. it's super-referential to their dire renewal situation.