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editing editing editing

Writing a short abstract is especially challenging. It is really easy to ramble on and on, but being concise is a different story.

Word limits and character counts are my present enemy. In what world does 1950 characters equal 400 words? A world in which most words are four-letters long. That isn't a very interesting place, is it?


Hi! I added you to my friends list because you sound pretty cool. :)
How did you get a permanent account? That's awesome.


i must say: great username.


Thanks! I use it for everything now.. it's just odd and gets people's attention :D
short abstracts are evil. i try to summarize each paragraph into a sentence and then i summarize those sentences if it's too long.


at first, deleting was fun. then it started to get old.


then it went extinct, leaving behind millions of typos. these typos were scattered all over the newspapers, television & movie scripts, text books, instruction manuals, e-books, etc. this eventually lead to world chaos, which killed off a bunch of people. the people who survived the chaos went back to the old ways of writing before technology was electronically advanced. most people also gained a greater appreciation of butterflys for some unknown reason.


no no. without deleting, the world was overwhelmed with content, which choked out all other forms of life -- leaving a rocky sphere overcome with pointless words and no butterflies.