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weird things

My iBook's battery died while I was on the plane. I had an extra, more charged, battery with me and I switched it before boarding so that I could watch a DVD in flight. When I put the old one back into my computer yesterday, there's nothing but this: . So sudden and tragic.

Sometimes messages and friend requests just disappear from MySpace. I learned this last night when Ellen was showing me how "the internet had fallen into the wrong hands." The situation is much worse than you might have imagined.


apparently the wrong hands are my hands--see my email. crap.
uh oh on the battery. Do you know how many times it was recharged?
many many times. it's a few years old.

i just expected that it would have an "only holds charge for 20 minutes" stage before dying. Last week, it worked for about two hours without needing a recharge.
crap. I'm not looking forward to that. I've had mine about four months, and it can still run for a good five hours of text editing.


you still have a a long time to enjoy long battery life!