josh (joshc) wrote,

fuzzy week

Last night I went to a party with Ellen where there was confetti all over the floor and streamers and used car lot style shiny patriotic triangles on the walls and drank some whiskey out of the bottle. There was a pile of free things and I rescued a Cadbury branded clucking rabbit from it. At some point, the poppable packing materials found their way onto the carpet and much popping of them ensued. Earlier, there was a small white dog that was very excited about a piece of rope.


Today my biggest accomplishment has been listening to the KEXP top 90.3 of 2005 [kexp (starts at 10 am, 30 december 2005)]. [Except that right now they're playing "Kissing the Lipless" even though Chutes Too Narrow came out at the end of 2003. Ah, they're cheating by including their live compilation disk]. I'm so glad that I took evan's suggestion [#] about downloading the streaming mp3 file because I'm thoroughly out of practice in the "listening to the radio" department and if I couldn't fast-forward past the surprisingly long surprisingly inane breaks of DJ chatter, I think that the experience of not being able to just pick the songs that I want to listen to in the order I want to listen to them might just drive me completely crazy. I couldn't find an mp3 player that completely understood that the track it's playing is getting larger with time so I occasionally need to reopen the file. The point of this is to say that carrying around a bunch of music that I like has perhaps spoiled me and over-indulged my control freak work environment tendencies.

I thought that my big accomplishment would be sending some FAXes, but that has been a bust. Alas, there's still time to conquer the long-distance dialing instructions.

updates: as the playlist gets into the 20s I'm liking it more and realizing that the most stressful part of radio is the people talking directly into my ears (which may be a small part of my telephonehate). Also, Mission FAX Machine has come to a successful conclusion.
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