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friday: another star-crossed love story, another charity-related event at the showbox

I left the office a little early on Friday to meet up with Jeff, Maggie, Liz, and Carolyn to see Brokeback Mountain at the Egyptian, where a lot of people seemed to have the same idea about checking out an afternoon matinee about an ill-fated love story. There are a lot of great things about the movie, the heroic photos of the sky and fantastic film of sheep herded being just a couple. Like Thursday's entertainment (King Kong ), the leads find unexpected love in a remote setting, and from the beginning, the circumstances tell the audience that after a few beautiful moments, the whole thing is destined to turn out badly. From there, the tragic machinery chugs along with the consequences rippling out after paradise is abandoned. Of course this comparison is a bit of a stretch. The scale of Brokeback Mountain is certainly more human and lacks the frentic spectacle of King Kong, so the impossibility of a happy ending hits a lot harder and takes a lot longer in mid-century Wyoming than it does in early-century New York.


The second act of the evening was the Strangercrombie blowout at the Showbox. First, though Peter and Samantha and I met at the White Horse. And although I've said this before, there's nothing quite like the hidden in plain sight quality of an English pub on Post Alley as a way for feeling transported to somewhere completely charming . Or maybe that's just the effect of conceding to drink one of the mysterious maroon concoctions called Pims.

Eventually, we went to the Showbox. I guess I'll start with the story of the terrible thing that happened. We missed seeing Band of Horses on account of a fake burger. You see, when we arrived Common Market was playing and I was hungry. So we went to the Green Room and ordered food. I think that the hiphop on the Green Room's soundtrack lulled me/us into a false sense of security that we had plenty of time. But by the time we returned to the showroom, we saw the cast of Band of Horses unloading their instruments from the stage. It was surprising and very sad, I had also assumed that since they're one of the best things going that they'd be higher in the lineup.

Alas. There were many other good things to counterbalance this disaster of poor planning. Namely, Vladimir the Polar Bear, Dina Martina, Korny the Kwanzaa Korn, and a finale by 1960-1970s funk/soul superstars Wheedle's Groove. In between, my favorite performance was from the Fruit Bats who brought plenty of indie goodness to the stage. My spirits were further lifted by a couple pairs of drink tickets from a nice Stranger staffer who temporarily left the elite VIP quarters to mix with the commoners on the floor. Oh, and somewhere in the mix of free tequila and beer I think there was something about a visit to the photo booth.
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