josh (joshc) wrote,

a weekday recap

I seem to only be able to do these activities of daily living type things for a few days at a time. But here we go again.

Monday was standard. The office, the regular humbling by the pub quiz. Et c.


Tuesday brought an excuse to go to the new Tutta Bella. Up until this week, getting their pizza required a trip to Columbia City. The last time this the option presented itself, the idea of bussing it down there to meet up with the Klaw drove Rhiannon and I to go to the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, eat Thai food, and see Sin City instead.

Aside from the reservations department not believing that we actually needed a table for 20 people (forcing some people to be temporarily banished to a separate table), they did fairly well for their second night of operations. Most of the pizzas for our very long narrow table arrived at approximately the same time, and I found my Margherita pizza, shared tiramisu, and after dinner espresso suitably delicious. Since I'm carsitting, I drove up to Wallingford for the pseudo-birthday party. On the drive home, the fog was incredibly thick, requiring special effort not to become hypnotized by my own headlights. These occasional driving experiences are sure to leave me spoiled for the automotive lifestyle, making the used car for sale outside my apartment building very intriguing.


Wednesday was mostly exciting because there was a ton of food at the office, leftover from a staff meeting or something. Also, there were meetings and after work I went to the gym and it wasn't very busy. Probably because the quarter is drawing to an end? By next month, I'm sure it will be horrible with all of the people and their stupid new year's resolutions.


This evening Carolyn, Pam, and I finished our King Kong trifecta after having dinner and beer at the Big Time, which always seems to feel very homey by design (except for the strangely throbbing floorboards). Having watched the 1976 and 1933 versions of King Kong had a few payoffs in the 2005 version, but even without picking up the references I'm pretty sure that it would still be spectacular. At three hours, it's a tiny bit long (which mostly shows how ripe the other films were for fleshing-ou), but it's really hard to begrudge it the extra minutes of spectacle.

The whole thing, but the middle section in particular, was just insanely intense. I was actually screaming and cringing throughout. Every time that my disbelief started to become unsuspended (how can this island support such an ecosystem? etc.), there were other crazy effects or chase scenes to push those pesky thoughts out of my head. And although I laughed when they started using the second (tenderness-focused) advertisements, by the end, even the love story feels plausible.

When I got home, I realized that I left my keys on my office desk. Even worse, I had sealed off my apartment to my usual break-in techniques and was forced to go back downtown to fetch my keys. When I got there, the lobby was in the process of being torn apart. On the way home, I saw people in a window above Denny & Olive dancing in a strangely blue glowing apartment.

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