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get 'em while they're there

This morning, Chris at Gorilla vs. Bear posted a great list of his favorite songs from 2005, complete with mp3 downloads [gvb]. I've been listening to it all afternoon, and it's a great selection -- both in terms of reminding me what I liked, but also in terms of what I missed. It even includes Kelly Clarkston, saving me the trouble of actually buying "Since U Been Gone".

If you're using Firefox, there's a nifty extension that makes downloading all of the mp3s very very easy. Cleverly enough, it's called "Download them All" [mozdev].


mine is called xargs wget

you know, i still don't understand this "since u been gone" thing.

the top result for "xargs wget" includes "linux-elitists" in the URL

oh, I have an occasional weakness for overproduced alternapop. For a while, it was the Bravery's "Honest Mistake." A long time ago, it was Avril Levigne.

lyrically deficient

I should say that I've listened to this on repeat for way too long today and still am not really sure what the song is about. But it took me forever to get the point of "sk8rboi".

i'm on that mailing list! no, really.

Yeah, see, that's the weird bit; if you...

s/Kelly Clarkson/Avril Lavigne/g;
s/Since U Been Gone/Complicated/g;
s/Ted Leo/Ben Gibbard/g;

...shouldn't there be (have been) as many, er, hits? I had the distinct impression that there weren't, even if we were all secretly enjoying it anyway. But I did not have a music page in my RSS aggregator back then.

Re: i just like knowing that i /could/ get wget to run in os x if i really had to

Although I think that the whole mp3blogs saving the world thing has been blown a bit out of proportion, I think you have a point. It does seem like part of the "Since U Been Gone" phenomenon is related to the non-ironic endorsement by indie weblog set.

Sure, people have been liking infectious pop for a long time, but it's only recently that there's been a self-appointed community of people to make them not feel stupid about it.
I also don't get the "Since U Been Gone" thing (and I have heard you singing along!) but thanks for this--been listening lots.
You totally should have recorded it for blackmail purposes.
It was rather impromptu. And now I'll never get him to do it.
there's a reason that I've sworn off karaoke . . .

Although it's hard to believe, I think that I had only heard "Since U Been Gone" maybe three times prior to having it show up on Florian's playlist. Once at a wedding and once on the VMAs.