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i am not a stuffed tiger.

wishlist to feed the hungry

In case you're looking to spend a lot of money on me sometime this month, here are a few ideas from this year's Strangercrombie catalog:


Items not to bid on for my sake (y.m.m.v.): the "Gorgeous Couch" (it's the same one that I already have) and the video of Christopher Frizelle's feet [s] (how could it live up to the "Kathleen WIlson goes to Ballard" video from the inaugural Strangercrobmie?); the opportunity to sing Karaoke with Maria Cantwell [s] or talk to Ira Glass on the phone [s] (I hate both karaoke and the telephone).


I know you hate the phone, but talking to Ira Glass would be so cool!
Talking to a radio celebrity on the phone wihle being recorded sounds so horrifying. I don't think I could handle it.
Did you see the "Kathleen Wilson Goes to Ballard" video??
no -- I was outbid!
BTW, the Strangercrombie girl is the girl who was with Leia at Band of Horses. More proof that Cori knows everyone.
I thought she looked vaguely familiar.


Frizzzelle video

I purchased this video. Should I set up a public screening? Any venue-owners in the house?

Re: Frizzzelle video


I'm not a venue owner, but maybe someone will volunteer? As a worst-case scenario, I hear that the Rendezvous theater can be rented out for ~ $75.