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more catching uppery: this week

Monday was typical. Work, techfee, swimming, pub quiz. If only our expert on celebrity photo identification had been around, we would have definitely won.


After work on Tuesday, Carolyn, Carole, Atri, and I met up for seven-dollar wine night at Chez Gaudy. It was a fun concept: fetch your own bottle of wine from the seven dollar rack (or cooler, for white wine drinkers) and serve yourself in a cozy atmosphere. They also had low-priced (color-coded) small bowls of food set out on a table and brought hot items around dim-sum style. The verdict was that the concept was good, the food was tasty, but that it it much more suitable as a happy hour type thing than a dining experience. Particularly because we were in one of the back caves, the warm food didn't make it out to us as often as we might have liked; so we ended up eating a lot of things on bread. Nevertheless, I'd definitely recommend it for an afterdinner snack or as an economical way to drink a fair amount of inexpensive wine outside of the home.

We had the idea of walking off the wine, to make the drivers in the crowd more suitable for safe driving. But given the icy turn that the weather has taken, hot chocolate at Bauhaus won out.


Yesterday our office had it's annual holiday party. We all carpooled over to Cafe Flora and took over the atrium. As usual, the highlight (aside from an interesting fake meatloaf sandwich) was the white elephant gift exchange. Somehow, I've become the arbiter of the rules. I worry about the fairness and conduct of the game in the event that I actually graduate.

This year, I wound up taking home a small stuffed animal Bison, complete with Cornell Lab of Ornithology approved Bison noises. Who knew that ornithologists also certified mammal calls?


If only our expert on celebrity photo identification had been around, we would have definitely won.

Perhaps I'm being conceited, but this sounds like me! I do recall having a ridiculously accurate ability to recognize scary celebrity photos, even when they were asses rather than faces. You totally need a webcam there, and then I could help you kick ass every week. ;-)
My sidekick takes pictures, but people are pretty obsessive about rooting out cheaters.
It's understandable, even if it's annoying. And now that I think about it, I don't know that I'd be all that excellent at identifying celebrities when I'm asleep, which I probably would be at the time my talents are most needed.
oh, and I was definitely referring to you. This is why you need to pack up and move to Seattle.
I know, you're so right. If only the people of Seattle would give me a job, then we'd be there as fast as we could and you'd never have to lose at trivia again!
Who was the celebrity you failed to identify?
Several of them.
Which ones?
I really don't remember all of them. We mistook Cher for Shannon Doherty, Mike Meyers for Kurt Russell, NotMegRyan for Meg Ryan, etc. It was brutal.
Where is Chez Gaudi ?
on bellevue, between Denny and Olive.