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more delayed a.d.l. posts: saturday & sunday

Saturday afternoon I got a haircut, thought about going to the 826 Seattle open house (but didn't feel up to the trek to greenwood -- call it something I ate. Or didn't. I eventually figured out that the reason that my stomach hurt was probably hunger. Stupid missed biological cues).

Later, I met up with carolyn and Betsy at Elliott Bay Books to hear George Saunders read. Knowing that he was going to have an evening event at the bookstore definitely contributed to my laziness w/r/t the Space Travel Supply Store. Although he was selling a new book, he read from a funny story about a melodrama based entirely on commercials written for Harper's [which seems to have destroyed/hidden their once vast online archives], and another piece about Dubai written for GQ. Although I brought some paperbacks along with me, I didn't feel like standing in the long line to get them signed.

Instead, we headed north to Brandon's party in Wallingford. On the way, we made a stop at my apartment for a costume change -- the party was possibly dress-up themed so the old thrift/vintage tuxedo once again came out of storage -- and to the grocery store to pick up some beer (v. excited about finding Honker's IPA in stores). I'm sure that lots of notable things happened, but not remembering them seems to be one consequence of all of this delayed updating. There was a really nice tribute arts and crafts project on display in memory of the recently dead creator of Stove Top Stuffing, which was the talk of the party.


On Sunday, I hiked over to Trader Joe's to stock up on foodstuffs. Later, I went to Victrola to work because it the heating system at my apartment building still hadn't caught on to the fact of the weather in Seattle being extra cold. Typing things using a blanket over my keyboard or wearing gloves just seemed far too impractical for my tastes.

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