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last week: friday

After being set free from the jury box, I was inspired by the sunny weather to walk from Pioneer Square back to my office in the 'tween. On the way, I (re-)noticed Cafe Zumzum, which has always mildly fascinated me with their "Ebony and Ivory" theme of Indian-Pakistani fusion theme. I crossed the street and found a long line waiting to get inside, which made a quick lunch there all the more compelling. The food was pretty tasty, but with my main training in Indian food limited to Cedar's and TastyBite entrees from Trader Joe's I'm not really qualified to dissect the subtle differences inherent in the cross-border collaboration. The naan was definitely different, as it was clearly not from a tandoori oven, they had open-faced sandwiches on the menu, and also included a more tortilla-like bread product with my chickpea-potato rice entree.

Later, it was department happy hour at the Elysian. Our table in the back wasn't large enough to contain the masses that arrived to partake in the festivites. Although this seemed to overwhelm the waitress, we all got used to it and survived.

After the happy hour broke up Carolyn, Elanor, and I tried to meet some other people, but they'd already called it a night. We ended up at Barca for a drink, by way of a quick survey of the very-crowded Purr (which took over the space formerly occupied by the Bad Juju.). I think it's a gay-interest bar, but based on our short stay (there was nowhere to sit), and the general make-up of the Capitol Hill bar scene, it was hard to tell.


I work kitty-corner to ZumZum, and it is a very delicious place, as you said. I always get the Chicken Spinach Curry. Naan, too.
Poor Bad Juju. That makes me sort of sad. Even though I don't think I ever even went inside. I guess it's my fault then!
they relocated into the back part of Neumo's; so it's not quite that bad.
I have never been to Neumo's, but I just don't get how one venue can "relocate" to inside another venue.
Neumo's has (approximately) three rooms: a large showroom area, a back bar that is connected to the showroom by a hallway, an upstairs bar/lounge space that partially overlooks the stage. The Bad JuJu now occupies the back bar.

This means that people who go to shows at Neumo's end up getting wristbanded to pass through the back bar to the show area, particularly for all ages shows.