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times changing

For a while, Urban Outfitters has been selling square frames to display records. Today I was browsing through the store after jury duty and noticed that they've repurposed the the frames, marketing them for T-shirts.

I instantly found them more interesting.


to frame t-shirts?

for the middle square part of a t-shirt

that's the idea. strange, but sort of interesting.

Re: for the middle square part of a t-shirt

for some reason, that reminds of Hot Topic t-shirt displays.

(from 10 years ago, when I last stepped foot in that store!)

Re: oddly enough

My amazon wishlist is mostly updated. I'll try to add a few more things this week.

The main problem with those frames is that I already have way too many posters/pictures/paintings/etc and don't really have the wallspace. Also, it would be hard to take my favorite t-shirts out of circulation!