josh (joshc) wrote,

don't wake me up

This is the second Monday in a row that required me to be awake before sunrise. Last week, it was for a conference. This time, it was for jury duty. Although I've always dreamed of serving on a jury, those dreams never seemed to include getting up early. By the time I left the apartment to go to the courthouse, it was light outside and the ground was covered with frost.

Somehow I got on the wrong bus, or a bus that changed route numbers. I figured it out in time and arrived on time. Let me say that the security screening at the courthouse makes one appreciate the TSA people at airports. Most of the day was spent in the jury holding pen, with breaks to venture into Pioneer Square for breakfast and lunch (an excuse to go to SoupDaddy). I was assigned to a judge/case at two pm, but they didn't need us until morning; so I was sent home (/to techfee) early and I don't need to go back until 8:45 tomorrow morning.

The room was equipped with wireless internet; so it wasn't really that hard to kill time while waiting for juror lottery time. Now, with the threat of snow that's consuming the Seattle media, there's a possibility that the city will shutdown tomorrow morning.

I think that the scary snow potential depressed turnout from other teams at the pub quiz. Still, we made a good show of it without actually winning. Per usual.

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