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fog / smog : this week's agenda

For one of my meetings today, we gathered in the conference room with the nice view and I had an Oedipa Mass moment. For the past few days, I've been fascinated with the thick morning and evening fog, but in the bright afternoon light it became apparent that there was more than a little pollution in the air. Tonight, walking home and then to the grocery store the streets are still bathed in pea soup, but it tasted more like burning. Or maybe it's just that my throat has been sore on-and-off. Maybe from a cold, maybe from being out in smoky bars (start the countdown), or maybe from the weather. It's hard to establish a causal pathway.

Monday and Tuesday were early mornings. I was attending a Statistical Genetics and Genomics symposium at the Sheraton. The talks were much more understandable than I imagined. A pleasant surprise, but the wake up was extremely rough.

When the conference ended yesterday afternoon, Betsy, Carolyn, and I walked over to Earth and Ocean to take advantage of the $12.50 lunches that were part of the 25 for $25 [nws] promotion. I ordered a bean casserole, and incorrectly assumed that it would be green bean based; so I was mystified when a pot of non-green beans arrived. Still, everything was tasty, and it was fun to have a fancy weekday lunch.

After lunch, I felt like taking a nap, but instead I went to my office to make an attempt to catch up for the very abbreviated week. I mostly found articles that I needed to read and printed them.

I mede it home around 7:30, tried to make my apartment less messy, and started watching Gilmore Girls while I waited for Ellen to arrive. Once she got here, we sort of watched television while she knitted and tried to convince me to read Pride & Prejudice. I argued that it should be in the same category as Lord of the Rings (no need to read it given well-respected film adaptations), but that didn't carry much weight once I found out that the Austen book is considerably shorter than the Tolkien. I actually wouldn't mind reading either or both, but they're low still priority.

Ellen was smart/optimistic enough to think to call the Crocodile for the schedule of bands; so we knew when we needed to be there to see Band of Horses. We ended up leaving a little bit earlier than necessary to avoid falling asleep and to allow time for me to eat. I hadn't thought about lots of places being closed after ten on a Tuesday night, but when the Crocodile and Noodle Ranch weren't available as dining options, we went to Shorty's. I'd really been meaning to go there forever and was pretty excited about getting to eat a vegetarian chili and cheese hot dog. The only downside was that I had to use a fork to consume it, since it was way too overtopped to eat it without utensils.

We got back to the Crocodile in time to see the end of Phosphorescent, who was performing sort of solo. If, that is, you don't count the creepy doll standing behind one of the keyboards. He was sort of good, really sincere, and had some good ideas about looping. During the finale, there was a point that I thought that he was fantastic, sort of on the level of Jamie Liddell, but then things got way too chaotic and out of control. This may have been intentional, though.

Band of Horses were really great. Maybe better and rockier than usual, now that the lineup has been changed up. I think I've liked them more and more each time that I've seen them. Which is maybe three times, since the old days of approximately one year ago when they were still just called Horses.

In addition to the largish older guy who stood in the front row and did a weird little dance, there were lots of people there. Including Samantha and Leia and Cori (who knows everyone and substitute life coaches the band). When the show was over, we went to Viceroy, which didn't feel as Ice Stormy as usual with the remains of Lowlife reflected in the musical selection.

Tonight, as mentioned, I bought ingredients for a salad. I'm not sure if this reflects the level of trust that my Thanksgiving group has in my cooking skills.

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