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I think I'm going to see John Hodgman tonight at Elliott Bay. I had a little e-mail interview with him yesterday [mb] and it sounds like his reading is going to be entertaining. Accompaniment by a musician wearing a coonskin cap! a book of fake trivia! How can that go wrong?

Anyone else planning/wanting to go?


After that, I'm meeting up with some people to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at Pacific Place for the midnight show. Now, I'm not planning to wear a costume or even to wear the "save ginny!" t-shirt shown in this userpic.


I see.

You characterized it as though you weren't wearing it on purpose.

Or maybe you didn't.
I guess it would be feasible for me to go home between now and the movie, so it's a degree of purposefulness, but not meant to be an statement.