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a word from our sponsors : get 'em while they're cheap

looks like the Threadless.com $10 Xmas sale is live for your shopping pleasure.

For your shopping reference, I take a guy's medium.

Quandry: I really liked the "Vikings are just Swedish Pirates" [t] shirt, until I realized that it has a typo.


I got Pillow Fight, Pandamonium, A Fathom Farewell, Flowers in the Attic, and Radios. So exciting.

I couldn't tell: are the instructions for constructing the viking ship actually printed on the shirt?
yeah. if you look at the large view, they're printed on there. acquire is spelled aquire.
that may be deliberate. when those ikea instructions do have written word on them, it's frequently misspeled in at least one of the 2 zillion languages they provide.


The Threadles website and I have been arguing all day long, and by arguing I mean that it won't let me on it. Which probably means that I have enough shirts.

With a lot of patience, I managed to put a few tees in my shopping cart, but I really don't need five and need to make a couple cuts. Maybe the masses will make my choices for me.