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keeping up - thursday

Last night after work, I met a bunch of people (rachel, jon, jeff, carole, atri) for Ethiopian food at Queen Sheeba, which is pretty much guaranteed to be a good time. Something about the communal animalistic feeding frenzy plus tasty food equals fun oand overstuffed stomachs. After dinner, I was amazed that several people were ready to stop at B & O to get dessert on our way to meeting Carolyn at the Stumbling Monk.

I decided to drink my dessert and just drank Belgian beers while we gathered around a couple of tables in the back to play Settlers of Catan. Since there were six of us (jeff went home), we played as three teams. Despite Team Rachel/Jon breaking up team Josh/Carolyn's impressive Catan-spanning roadway with a settlement (just one example of Team J/C's undervaluing of sheep), we managed to reclaim the title and win the game. Apparently, the team aspect slows down the game; so it took forever and thus didn't make an especially good impression on Carole and Atri.
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