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last week in review

I don't know how I got so horrible about keeping the activities of daily living portion of my journal up-to-date. Luckily, last week was pretty standard and doesn't really merit a bunch of backdated posts. So, for the obsessives, a week behind a lj-cut.

Last Thursday, I went to Pioneer Square after work for Art Walk. I hadn't been in forever, and mostly went to check out a friend of a friend's show at the Western building. It had been raining all day, but by the time I left the office, it was clear and cool and a generally nice night to be walking. I really only went to the lofts, was surprised to find that the Live Girls had closed up shop, and saw some interesting things. On my way back to a downtown bus, I noticed that SAM was still open and free; so I quickly ducked inside to look at the Tiffany exhibit.

Friday was department happy hour time at the Stumbling Monk. There was a good turnout, and we drank a fair amount of Belgian beer and ate candy corn. After the crowd thinned, we ended up sticking around to play Scrabble and order a pizza (which turned out not to be quite big enough to satisfy our underfed stomachs). Once my team won the game, and everyone had finished drinking, we went to Jai Thai and ate from their late night menu while my delusions about the IMA as simply a place for working out were shattered by certain people's stories.

Saturday. Nothing happened? Maybe I finished reading Indecision?

Sunday. I spent a little time at Victrola working, then went to the gym, and caught a bus over to Carole & Atri's new apartment. They cooked a delicious dinner and then we played Blokus. Rachel gave me a ride home, and I managed to stay up way too late.

Monday. Work, techfee, swimming, a return to pub quiz. This time we came in in second place and might have won if one of the questions wasn't defective.

Tuesday. Nothing really.

Wednesday. I had to wake up early to spend the majority of the day at a retreat for my office. Everyone went to one of the unit's co-director's house so that we could do team-building type activities, eat lunch, look at people's baby pictures, and listen to a lecture. In one of the activities, we were put into small groups and each were required to list three things that were strengths, or that we were interested in or learning about. Then we went around to tell the other groups about it. No one really knew the point. Another activity was a generic personality inventory in which I learned that I was more "amiable" than "analytical" or "expressive" or "driver" (the first three were all close). You can tell it's generic because the categories aren't all the same part of speech.

When I got home, I caught up on watching this week's episodes (!) of Arrested Development. The scene with the mole and the jetpack rivaled the first season's scene with Julia Louis-Dreyfuss's blind golden retriever jumping into the vet's garbage can for sheer crippling hilarity.

Oh, and tonight's Lost and the preview for next week's: OMG!WTF?
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