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the only earth?

ticketswest = crazy

er. I was just about to buy a ticket to see Broken Social Scene on Saturday. TicketsWest is charging $7.75 in service and handling fees for a $15 ticket. Does anyone know if the QFC or Rudy's outlets have the same service fees as the online version?

It's not clear to me that there's anywhere to get a ticket for the advertised advance price, since the Showbox box office also adds $1.50.


i believe the fee is less at QFC/rudy's, but not zero. there's still a fee (since, of course, it's still ticketswest) but it doesn't include the "online processing fee" or whatever ticketswest calls it.
maybe I'll check it out in the morning and decide if the price difference is worth a trip to the showbox.

it's just that broken social scene, while they're really good, seem like a $15 band. busting into the $20+ territory just seems excessive.