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the only earth?

ticketswest = crazy

er. I was just about to buy a ticket to see Broken Social Scene on Saturday. TicketsWest is charging $7.75 in service and handling fees for a $15 ticket. Does anyone know if the QFC or Rudy's outlets have the same service fees as the online version?

It's not clear to me that there's anywhere to get a ticket for the advertised advance price, since the Showbox box office also adds $1.50.


i believe the fee is less at QFC/rudy's, but not zero. there's still a fee (since, of course, it's still ticketswest) but it doesn't include the "online processing fee" or whatever ticketswest calls it.
maybe I'll check it out in the morning and decide if the price difference is worth a trip to the showbox.

it's just that broken social scene, while they're really good, seem like a $15 band. busting into the $20+ territory just seems excessive.
the uvillage qfc charged me $19.75

since tix day of show are $18 and i can't get down to the showbox before then, i just sucked it up & paid.
Gah, I actually used to prefer Ticketswest because they didn't tack on 10 dollars a ticket like f'n Ticketmaster (I think someone should design a quality anti-ticketmaster t-shirt so I could show my passive-aggressive vengence on the streets of Seattle). Hmm, maybe they have decided to rape the willing as well. It just sucks though to have to pay so much for tickets (show dependent of course) and then know that you need to factor in the 'convenience' charge as well as the 'building charge' and the 2.50 to have it emailed to you. I'd assume it would be that they'd charge you for postage and not emailing. Wait, I didn't mean to go off in your journal. G'nite.
that $7.75 doesn't even include mailing, it's for will call. insane.

I wish that more venues/bands would use brownpapertickets.com
Ooh, me too. I always get my rollerderby tickets through there. Not only are they less expensive, they tickets are extremely pretty...not that as a boy you care if your ticket is asthetically appealing.
I bet if you walked up to one of them after the show and pointed this out they might.

(at least where the venues are not run by assholes and or don't have their own little local monopoly like up in Noho.)