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i am not a stuffed tiger.

spare change

Pretty much everyone who visits my apartment finds it weird that I have four jars for loose change (one for each denomination) and immediately tells me that I should bring all of that change to Coinstar. And then I tell them how much I hate Coinstar and the idea of paying a percentage just for them to count my change. I'd rather just keep it than give them that cut.

But I just saw a commercial advertising their new option to have your change converted into Amazon.com gift certificates without a fee being deducted [coinstar]. Since Amazon sells pretty much everything, this is at least mildly tempting (compared to their other Starbucks promotion).


They also don't charge a commission if you donate it on the spot....
I wonder how much they get from their Amazon and Starbucks partnerships. I assume that they're not taking a fee on the charities?
I assume that as well.