josh (joshc) wrote,

ytriak recap: monday

On Monday, family fun times included going to lunch in Kalamazoo at this restaurant that is supposedly half Italian half Mexican, which turned out to be weird and took forever. We were originally planning to visit the art museum to see some of Chihuly's glass, but after the really long lunch we didn't have as much time as expected. This wasn't such a bad thing; so we hung out with my other grandma for an hour or so, went home, packed, and then had a quick dinner at our usual americanized chinese restaurant before dropping me off at the airport.

I passed the flights reading Indecision, watching the Life Aquatic, and pressing my face against the window using my fleece jacket to block out the lights so that I could try to confuse myself about the similarity in the patterns of the stars and in the scattered lights of rural Minnesota through the whispy layer of clouds below.
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