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rjwew recap: sunday

Oh the hilarity. Jenna and I put our faith in the wake up computer to change the time from Eastern Daylight to Eastern Standard, and were rewarded by a sleeping-in-disrupting call. So much for modern technology.

We both slept for an extra hour and had lots of weird dreams before getting our things packed, checking out of the hotel, and having breakfast with the other wedding guests before driving back to our homes through all of the crazily intense fall foliage.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with my family. My sister came home for the afternoon and told us all sorts of exciting stories from the middle school teaching front. We went outside and watched the dogs playing in the leaves for a while. Later, we played an intense game of Scrabble with my dad and grandma and ate lots of snack foods. I ahead for most of the game, but was killed by being stuck with high value tiles when my dad exhausted his supply of letters.

Later, my uncle drove down for dinner and discovered a large shard of glass in the lasagna. Pretty exciting times.

Of course, I had to stay up late writing a recap of Grey's Anatomy before going to sleep.



I feel that the final two paragraphs deserve further explanation.

Re: ?

This explains the last paragraph.

Re: ?


the other paragraph isn't that complicated either. my mom cooked lasagna for dinner and there was a large shard of glass in it. apparently from the pyrex container that held one of the meat ingredients.

the vegetarian lasagna was immune to contamination.

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I think this is the second time I've done something like this. (see Metroblogging comment-guy). Apparently he is not important enough to remember his name, although I remember it being something weird.

Re: ?

the internet thrives on this sort of cooperation.

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ah, thanks.
I'm currently working on a couple of letters to Yarrow, one being a "Yarrow did a wonderful job and we were so happy with it and that's why you, person who's reading this letter on their website/in their event planning consultation materials, should book your event there" recommendation letter and the other being a "Yes, Yarrow, you did do great overall but here is a list of the things you messed up and we feel like you should know about it" complaint letter, and I will be sure to include "not changing your clocks and therefore waking up our guests and hour early" in the second letter.

It really is pretty hilarious though. Especially because Jason and I were talking about the time change with the event manager right before we finally left the lodge, and he seemed totally on top of it.