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rjwew recap: saturday

On Saturday morning, we dragged ourselves out of bed with not quite enough sleep in order to meet up with Rhiannon for wedding day breakfast from a buffet table. When we made our way to the lodge, Rhiannon was the only one there, which made our lateness all the more offensive. Eventually other people woke up / joined us in the dining room.

Given that it was Michigan in late October, the weather cooperated beautifully. Frosty golf courses, sunny afternoon, etc.

After breakfasting, I think we started playing Settlers of Catan, but other wedding-related obligations took precedence and the game broke up before we could declare a clear winner. These obligations included certain members of the wedding party having their hair prepared for the ceremony, Jenna, Jennifer, and I transporting and bundling stalks of corn, coming up with a aisle-lining strategy for the orange ribbon and double-sided tape, and maybe that's it.

At some point, we took a break to have a lunch in the pub that consisted mainly of cheese, in fried and quesadilla form. During lunch, other people like the Gaos and the Petersons arrived. From this point, more and more people showed up (most before the actual wedding) and we walked back and forth to our room and changed into our wedding clothes and watched the ceremony. On the videotape that I made, I wonder if Matt's comments about Rhiannon's fifteen-year-old cousin were captured in the audio track. If so, I suppose it could be edited out in post production.

The ceremony was really quite nice and was free of most of the creepier parts of the traditional vows. I'd heard a pre-release version the night before and managed to get through it without sobbing loudly into the camera's microphone.

The rest of the evening was good fun. Top three weddings of all time, etc. Jenna and Jennifer made a funny little speech, and we ate, and danced, and interviewed people. Of the table 15 crowd, only Jennifer, Jenna, and I closed out the dance party. The rest, with varying levels of good excuses, exited before the end of the affair, leaving the department of late night mischief modestly disappointed.


I'm super glad you had fun, despite the sad lack of late night mischief. Especially because the possibilities for mischief there were pretty great...I was hoping someone might try to steal a golf cart at least, but everyone was on their best behavior, sheesh.

We tried very hard to make the ceremony non-creepy, so I'm glad to hear we were mostly successful. I still haven't watched the video, but Jason didn't mention any comments about Gina during the ceremony, so maybe the camera edited those on its own! Or maybe it was just covered up by the dozens of other guys making comments about her too. It was scarily impressive how many people wanted us to introduce them to her, until they found out she is like half their age!