josh (joshc) wrote,

rjwew recap: thursday (or transit)

Really, all of my Thursday was occupied with transit. It's kind of insane how it takes almost an entire day (11 am - 12 pm) to get from my apartment to Kalamazoo by inexpensive airline travel.

The upside of a two hour layover in Kentucky was that Jenna was there, too. We didn't even coordinate our flights, but it was much better to have company for the long wait. We passed the time at the Wolfgang Puck's, eating bland pasta and getting caught up on everyone's lives. By which I mean, Jenna caught me up on everyone's lives.

When we got to the crappy little terminal, I realized that I wanted some ice cream and McDonald's was the only option. I was sad to learn that airport McDonald's stores don't carry caramel for ice cream sundaes. I also couldn't remember if I was boycotting McDonald's or if I just hadn't been there for a really long time.

After Jenna's brother gave me a ride home, I stayed up for an hour or so talking to my dad and being attacked by my parents' dog. The dog also decided to sleep in my bed, which was very friendly except for the kicking and not really letting me sleep parts.

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