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location report: back in seattle

wolfman! by joshc.
wedding photoset [flickr]
I spent most of the weekend at Rhiannon and Jason's Wedding Extravaganza in southwest Michigan. Eventually, I'll probably get around to posting about it in text-format, but for now here are some pictures from the big weekend.

I expect that by posting pictures of my friends [and no pictures of myself (because I didn't take any)], I'll probably be paid back with pictures of me looking stupid (I certainly made an effort to look as stupid as possible while dancing and being photographed).
This is the new karma, I suppose.


no fair no pictures of you.
I thought that the accompanying text was a sufficient disclaimer. Maybe I will revise. Also to let people know that I don't even know the people pictured in the teaser pic.
but you own that sweatshirt, right?
yeah. that guy showed up to the reception shirtless; so I let him borrow my sweatshirt. I never leave home without some sort of wolf apparel.
When your friends post ridiculous pictures of you dancing, you'd better post them here.

Or else.
jenna posted a few on her flickr ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/53251719@N00/ ), but she gave up and put the rest on snapfish before getting to some of the stupider ones.

you will pay

Oh there will be retribution, my friend.

your pictures

Why are your pictures all funkified? Night vision or something?

Re: your pictures

They're in PartyVision(tm)!

I think the point of that particular "scene mode" on my camera uses a red eye reducing style flash, which ends up exposing the background and the foreground separately. With the long exposure time, movement in the background gets blurred.

I kind of like it.