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chair, apartment

things from this week

On Wednesday, I met up with some people from my department so that we could go to a graduate student government function that promised free food and beer. Amazingly enough, we arrived at the HUB to find a line snaking through two hallways, a lobby, and into a stairwell. When we made it through the gates, there was still plenty of (cold, this year) beer, but little food. This actually sort of improved the experience, since a beer goes a lot further with a few pieces of cheese.

With a room full of unknown people to meet and greet, we quickly formed a little circle of people already known to each other and floated around the ballroom, occasionally breaking the perimeter to chat with an outsider or acquaintance. None of us won the raffle. A few of us left early enough to catch Lost, which turned out to be one of the more boring episodes of this season. I assumed that I just missed the intrigue while I was talking on the phone and microwaving dinner, but other people seemed to agree with the absence of plot development.


Thursday: nothing happened. work, gym, etc.


Friday was more departmental fun with a happy hour at Flowers. Although we made a reservation in anticipation of a large group, the restaurant chose not to remember our request. So we ended up scattered in subgroups around a couple tables and the bar area, which actually worked out o.k. since there is a limit to the utility of a giant table anyway.

Along with drinking sort of expensive scotch and eating and trying to be social, we also used a match to signify the passing of the torch from the previous organizers of the happy hours (me and carolyn) to the newly elected social chairs. I'm happy to report that it the transition from oligarchy to pseudo-democracy was a peaceful one. All this really means is that now we don't need to feel obligated to show up early. On the downside, it means that I can't just pick places that I like and force everyone else to go there.

Later, I found myself hungry and walking over to Teapot Vegetarian House to get vegan Chinese food. I'd ordered from them once before and I managed to order something much less strange this time. It even turned out not to include any fake meat products (which I've been strangely into this week).


the fake meat products (the beef and even the rice) at the teapot house make me feel sick :(

are there any dishes there that you would recommend that aren't as rich but still really yummy?
I had the bachelor pot, which was just a lot of vegetables in a brown gravy. It was better than the thing I ordered the other time, which was basically just a lot of cahsews in a weird tofu-skin bowl.
I saw a rat in that Vegan place a oouple of years ago ;)
I'm glad I found out about this after eating my leftovers.

They're moving to the old Bankok on 15th location. Maybe seeking higher ground from the rats?
I'm here for you. No, I'm pretty sure it was my freshman year at the UW actually so they've most likely cleaned up their act. I think Ellen may have witnessed this too actually...

But, you know, ew.
Really? I don't remember that at all.

Oh wait! You're thinking of Araya on the Ave. This is in Capitol Hill. I remember that. Ew.
Oops, wrong place. And is Araya vegan Thai food? That was gross.
Yes, it is. I do remember that. It was awful.