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sigur ros groupiedom simplified

If I had an extra $6001 sitting around, I'd be really really tempted to spend the end of November in Iceland at a Sigur Ros concert. The band has teamed up with Iceland Air to set up a travel package to fly fans to Reykjavik for three days to see their hometown show. [#]

I guess I can console myself my remembering that Iceland in November probably isn't exactly peak visitor season.

1. Obviously, it would cost more than that since there aren't flights out of Seattle and the package doesn't include ground transportation or food.


One time, I walked in on my mom watching some awful movie, but it was set in Iceland. The part I caught was a long scene where the main characters were driving through the Icelandic countryside and Starálfur was playing. I enjoy driving/riding busses/trains to Sigur Rós, but doing the same thing in Iceland looked just that much better. Maybe not in November though. And maybe not for just 3 days.