josh (joshc) wrote,

existential voting crisis

For most of the time that I've lived in Seattle, I've been pretty much willing to rely on the suggestions of the Stranger's election cheat sheets whenever voting time rolled around. After all, why go to the trouble of looking at candidate websites and reading the voter guide when the funny people from the alt-weekly were willing to do the heavy lifting.

But in this week's issue the Stranger's election control board [#] is telling me to vote for ethically-challenged monorail killer Greg Nickels and long-time monorail hater (and new strip club regulations supporter) Richard Conlin, while advising me to vote against the state wide indoor smoking ban. I feel like I woke up in bizarro world.

On top of that, I found myself feeling sympathetic for Knute Berger, the usually marginally insane editor of the Seattle Weekly after Seattlest and the Stranger spent the morning attacking his column [sw] for complaining about gentrification and moving back to Seattle, respectively.

I really don't like this spinny disoriented feeling. I wish it would stop.
Tags: seattle

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