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lazyjosh: movie passes?

Hey seattle -- I'm pretty sure that there's a pre-release screening of Shopgirl tonight at Pacific Place. Any idea how someone might find a pass to get in to see it?


if all else fails, just showing up and getting in line may be enough. if this is a pre-release screening, they *want* people in those seats, and the organizer will not care if you lack a pass.
this would be true if the people with actual passes (mostly warren report members) weren't fanatical about showing up absurdly in advance. oh well, being there did result in me getting another pass for a different screening.
crazy warren report people.
I'm intrigued by the free things, but am afraid of the potential transformative effects of joining.
Warren's fine, if you're willing to showup early. He's a nice guy, besides.
ahhhh what time?