josh (joshc) wrote,

the weekly recap post

It would pretty fair to interpret this week's string of 'bloggy postings as an indicator that most of the week was fairly standard. Going to the office, making trips to the gym, picking up groceries, watching a DVD, et c. Things better not posted about excessively.

Last night I did go to the Stranger's Genius Awards party at the Seattle Art Museum. In addition to good bands -- Voyager One and the Helio Sequence -- it was really kind of interesting to see who was there. It was sort of Seattle's odd version of people getting dressed up, albeit in thrift store suits and styrofoam zoo animal masquerade masks. Not to mention someone if a full length racoon coat and another guy in a superhero costume.

Surprisingly enough, having a party on a three level staircase actually works out fairly well. There was a lot of wall space to project representations of the winners' work, name badges saying "My name is _______ and I want to fuck John Sutton", a pile of skateboards at the door, and a fleet of museum guards to step in whenever someone so much as leaned on the very old stone rams or camels decorating the hall.

Another revelation from this week: candy corn does not contain gelatin. Figuring this out resulted in a bit of a sugar binge.

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