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camel toads

On their weblog, the Stranger features a hilarious image capture of an advice column in which a well meaning grandmother writes to find out about "camel toads" at a swimming pool. [stranger]

It's the funniest thing on the internet today.


Oh. My. God. That's hilarious.

dear stranger intern,

in college at minnesota, we had a long-running and much-beloved column named Dr. Date, and the columns would get more and more outlandish as people tried to figure out exactly how far they could go and still get "Dr. Date" to seriously answer their question.

i would guess this is the same sort of case.

Re: dear stranger intern,

That really wouldn't surprise me. Supposedly the column is from a paper in hays, kansas.

But I'm not a stranger intern, just a rejected wannabe stranger intern. There's a big difference.
mmm, i didn't mean to imply that you were a stranger intern, just that perhaps the reply to the letter might have been better addressed as such.
well, it was only posted on their weblog and not in the paper portion (and the advice column wasn't in the Stranger). The advice columnist is a librarian in Kansas; so she might not even have an intern.

Still, you're probably right about the letter being fake. spilling iced tea on a letter seems unlikely to make "toes" look like "toads".

Re: death cab

that's really cute. way to go old target lady!

do you play music in art class?

Re: death cab

I think that you should force them to listen to your music at least one day a week!

I think that the new Sigur Ros (Takk) is pretty excellent and I've been getting into the new album from Broken Social Scene a little bit, too.

Re: death cab

oh, and if you don't already have the Arcade Fire (Funeral) and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, you really should check them out immediately.