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my minor label debut

The new Mount Eerie record, Singers is now on sale. At least it was on sale at Sonic Boom yesterday.

If you look at the back, you might recognize some familiar names (including mine). In addition to me being on some of the songs (with a lot of other people who were at a particular Department of Safety show), it has two of my favorite Mount Eerie songs on it: "Human, Human" and "Let's Get Out of the Romance."

The band and roving record store might be coming to your neighborhood. Check p. w. elverum & sun for more info.


now you can *really* pad your resumé.
my thoughts exactly.
Is there a reason the name "Zac Pennington" is familiar to me?
He was (is?) a writer for the Stranger.


Thanks Josh - they're ...... errr...... he's coming to my neighborhood. And, I never would've known. You're the best!


Re: Thanks!!

nifty. say hi to phil for me.

two months later...

Hey, I finally bought this (it's wonderful). Did you notice that you now have a page on Discogs?



Re: two months later...

wow. that's incredibly strange.