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delightful : cal anderson

Walking home from seeing Zadie Smith and Amos Latteier at Neumo's, I walked through the new Cal Anderson Park. On my way out of the park, I noticed a few guys walking and their kids sprinting toward the entrance with a soccer ball. At ten thirty at night, the kids were bargaining to have an hour and a half to play instead of just an hour.

Even though I could argue that the scale of the park is off, I still understand why people are so in love with it. I might even be among them.


Amos Latteier is my uncle. Really.
neat. does he bring slideshow presentations to family reunions?


No, he mostly just sits in the cement cave in my grandfather's living room with his legs crossed and drinks white wine.

I saw that he was in The Stranger this week. I'm so proud.
And you're wearing a Harry and the Potters shirt. This is good.
I am. It is. I agree.
Science Vs. Romance as in Rilo Kiley?
yeah. but not as in fansite.
Wait. Amos was performing? I get it now. But still not really. I didn't know he did such things at such places as Neumos. I'm going to stop talking to myself on your live journal now.
yes. he was talking about beauty -->