josh (joshc) wrote,

this week in me, or monday and tuesday

On Monday I broke my multi-year dentist avoidance and went in for a check-up. I was pretty pleased not to pass the test where the dentist paints plaque revealer on your teeth and to make it out alive without any scheduled drilling. I think that my dentist was so impressed with my visit that he threw in some extra Stim-U-Dents in my bag of dental freebies!

From the m83 ear damage, I almost considered wearing earplugs when I went to Neumo's to see the Fiery Furnaces. I tried them out during the Bats of Belfrey (actually pretty decent), but the annoyance of having plastic in my ear seemed less useful than avoiding permanent hearing loss. The Fiery Furnaces were thoroughly awesome. Weird, garage rocking, often unintelligible, but fantastic and fun nonetheless.


Today I overslept, went to work, finished On Beauty, and typed all this.

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