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bargainwatch: threadless sale

In case you're not on their e-mail list, it's worth mentioning that Threadless is having a sale over the weekend. Pickings are getting on the slim side, but every t-shirt is $10 until Monday. (They have a live stock chart [#] which makes it easy to find something in your size)

And it's really hard to beat a cool $10 t-shirt these days, isn't it?


I bought Threadless t-shirts to give to my cousins as gifts for being in the wedding, and of course I bought them the day before the $10 sale started. Bad timing!
Thanks for the heads up... was able to snag a few good ones, even amongst the leftovers.
I love Threadless. I've been working on some designs to submit.
the prize money definitely makes it worth your time. I don't know how much campaigning is required to win.