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I read DefectiveYeti's piece about CareLess Bands [#] this morning and thought of this girl at the CMJ Thumbsucker screening.


maybe that is a gay pride meta-bracelet?
that would be much better than wearing them all in support of each individual cause, wouldn't it?

looking closer, she's not wearing the white "one" band, which might support your theory.
the one between blue and red isn't white? they're not in order, anway. it's a nice thought that she's being cleverly meta, but someone i doubt it.

there's a girl at school who wears two "one" bracelets. a whole two dollars. wow.
maybe. It looks light blue to me, but it's indoor light without a flash; so it's hard to tell.

I really just hate those wristbands. Especially when they're being worn sincerely. Quantifying my distaste for them, they fall between WWJD bracelets and the gay pride american flag that hangs from one of my neighbor's deck.
Which is on the extreme end? I assume the gay pride american flag, but I may be wrong. Speaking of WWJD, I am going to email you a great story.