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more follow-up reporting

What I forgot to mention in my somewhat whiny post about last night's Four Tet show was that Jamie LIdell was pretty freaking amazing. As far as I could tell, his set consisted of sampling his own voice and mixing it and layering it up with other samples into dancy tracks. He occasionally took a break from these beat-heavy songs to include a few soul-ish a capella numbers. He kept this up until the power momentarily went out.

I admit that I wasn't really in the mood for an hour of this, but it was really interesting to watch (and hear).


you were not the one who posted the *fantastic* video file of his live thing that i have from a few months back? i wonder where i got it then... (i am such a space case.)

buy the album, it's really fucking good.
that was me.
aha. thank for you for that.