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1. is Four Tet worth seeing live?
2. is there any way to get advance tickets to tonight's show at Neumo's without insane service fees?
3. how awesome is this remake of the Shining's trailer [.mov]?


1. i have heard some bad reviews mainly concentrating on the fact that his live show is relatively boring (standing around in front of laptops), although i think if it were in the sort of venue where you could sit at a table and drink, it would be ideal. neumo's, of course, is not really that sort of venue.
2. the box office is at the bad juju lounge, but they'll probably pull the tickets around dinnertime. i was thinking about leaving immediately after my afternoon classes to get a ticket, although i haven't even decided if i'm going in the first place, based on item #1.
3. yes.
1. I've heard similar rumors, which is why $13 seemed like a reasonable price to pay for the experiment, but almost $20 feels like too much.

2. didn't the bad juju close / relocate to neumo's?
The Bad Juju is now the back bar at Neumo's. It is still called the Bad Juju and opens at 3pm during the week. That's still where you can buy advance tickets.

I'm not working there tonight, otherwise I'd hook you up. Sorry.
thanks for the insider info. as far as I could tell, the box office hours aren't posted on the neumo's website.

sure thing.

the new neumo's site is pretty crappy. they're working on it, i think.
2. aww, did they? it seems like i had to get tickets there not all that long ago, but i avoid the bad juju for anything other than getting neumo's tickets on account of the deafening music that makes conversation impossible.

okay, maybe i will just do my laundry tonight.

but with clap your hands say yeah going on at the croc, do you think four tet will sell out?
bad juju is now the back bar at neumo's; box office opens at 3. (see comment, above)

I don't know if it will sell out (clap your hands say yeah is sold out already). the main reason that I would want to get a ticket is to be able to not need to show up early.
yeah, i waffled about whether or not i could make plans for tonight (dependent on someone else's schedule), so the croc sold out too early for me. but i was thinking of going to four tet instead anyway, since four tet's been a favorite for so long and clap your hands say yeah is a relative flash in the pan for now. well, class gets out at 4, so maybe i'll go back to capitol hill immediately and grab a ticket.
Sorry totally at random here but:

Sit down at a Four Tet show? Are you crazy? Yeah it his just him on a couple of laptops and a mixer but he uses Audiomulch to completely twist and distort the album tracks beyond all recognition and does it in such a way as to make them way more kicking and in your face and something you can really dance to.

He's also playing with Jamie Lidell tonight. It's going to one awesome show and well worth $20.

four tet is good background music.

okay, if people in seattle dance, i will dance.

but that almost never happens. (at least not at neumo's.)
p.s. i am glad to hear it, because i have never seen him live despite a long-standing love of the recordings and i've really heard nothing but mediocre-at-best reviews of his live show. though the reviews i read seemed to be mostly of him followed by prefuse 73, and really now, who could measure up to that?
and after all of this, they don't sell day of show tickets at the box office!

still, the guy at the bar said that there wasn't a huge danger of the show selling out. As of 5:30 pm, only about 150 tickets had been sold.
and after all this, i found a ticket for clap your hands say yeah!

sorry, four tet.

(p.s. i might wanna meet you some time, since you seem to go to all the same shows as me anyhow.)


it's not this one [lj] is it?

i'm seeing c.h.y.s.y. on Saturday; so I decided that it wasn't worth the trouble to see them twice.

Re: ack!

nope, it's a friend who's too tired to go.

Re: ack!

ah. have fun. clap your hands, say yeah, as appropriate.
enjoy four tet. oddly, i'd decided not to go to four tet tonight and be lazy and read books instead. but then as soon as i got the cyhsy ticket, i felt an immediate twinge of regret. so. i'm jealous.
that's kind of how I felt when I saw that post about his spare ticket.
shoot, I can't download the trailer for some reason....
nevermind got it.

awesome. Looks like a Cameron Crowe movie.
totally. shows that you can't always count on a trailer to know what to expect from a movie.

how hilarious would it be to actually advertise a horror movie as a feel-good dramedy?
i had a film student roommate in college who edited toy story to make a trailer for possibly the most terrifying children's movie ever.
HIGH - larious.