josh (joshc) wrote,

closing ceremonies

this is the last day of the conference and most of us wake up feeling a little less than April fresh.
we get our shit together to make one of our colleague's 8:30 talk, stopping for an ice cream breakfast. after the talk, we have to get back to the hotel to pack our bags before check out.

though we intended to get back to the conference to hear nick's talk, the lady (charley) at the desk has other ides. she uses the wrong rate and takes about a half an hour to enter our names on the bill [ for re-imbursement purposes ]. forty-five minutes later, we have missed the only talk of interest, so it makes more sense to go out for lunch.

lunch is at koi's (?). this place makes up for last night's horrible experience. spring rolls, Thai iced tea, and evil jungle prince. w1. while we're [elanor, nicole and i] are having lunch, james peacock from university of Minnesota passes on the street. we harass him a little bit for standing us up. he claims that he showed up but was too drunk from his own dinner to stay.

this makes me feel intensely better. next year, i guess.

nicole and i take elanor to the airport and head away from Waikiki. our destination is waimea bay. on the way across the island, we drive through pineapple fields. pineapples in the growing stage are rad. they are almost like cabbages.

the beach is everything that Waikiki is not. the sand is soft and chunky and the water is deep with a sandy bottom. children jump off a cliff in the distance. it is quiet and lovely.

we have dinner at Haleiwa Joe’s and go to a different hotel in Waikiki. it is not quite the Hilton Hawaiian, but i like it quite a bit. each suite has a lanai overlooking one of the small pools. we call it a night early, forgoing the icky nightlife for sleep.

(1) could you resist an entree with this name? I didn't think so.

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