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newport mystery solved!

the mystery of which artist's cover of "in the aeroplane over the sea" provided the exit music for last night's episode of the o.c. has been solved by the readers of You Ain't No Picasso. They say that the track is from Matt Pond, PA and provide links to other Neutral Milk Hotel covers [#].

sidenote of little relevance: At CMJ, the Matt Pond PA show was the only one where I was on the list. And yet, I didn't attend because it conflicted with a screening of Elizabethtown.


You know my journal is called that because of that album , right ?
Did you see Elizabethtown? I can't wait . . .
I did! it was a non-theatrical release; so I don't know how much it will differ from what comes out next month. I liked it, as a sentimental fairy tale and mixtape.

I keep meaning to get caught up on my livejournaling and will try to write a little bit more about the movie then.


Well, don't give away too much info. :)